Lexus video: Super car does donuts around super model

James Raia

Like manufacturers featuring stunning models at auto shows, the same equation works in print and in video marketing.  But throw in a performance Lexus and add a little suspense, and it’s a great way to sell cars — or at least yellow bikinis.Lexus video: Super car does donuts around super model 1

In the video below, champion drifter racer Rhys Millen guides the Lexus LFA super car around super model around Rianne Ten Haken.

Photographer Yu Tsai explains his concept in the video, Rhys does an extraordinary job getting the Lexus close to the model.

And Ten Haken? She just stands there and then comments she had no idea how close the car was. Of course, the dilemma is whether those watching the video will even care about the car.


Article Last Updated: February 16, 2011.

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