Nissan Cube, Honda Crosstour get 2010 all-ugly honors

James Raia

One car owner’s dream car is another auto enthusiast’s nightmare. In 2010, more than one model grabbed its share of attention and catapulted its way to the year’s all-ugly list — the Nissan Cube to two Honda models.

Correspondingly, while the Nissan Cube and Honda Accord Crosstour have received all-ugly honors, they’ve also received auto industry innovation design awards.Nissan Cube, Honda Crosstour get 2010 all-ugly honors 1

In its 2010 end-of-the-year compilation, Forbes.com chose eight cars for their less-than-attractive appearances. The website also features a clever image of a Nissan Cube mostly covered by a brown paper bag.

In its introduction to the article, the Forbes’ writer said:

“Granted, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some consumers love the quirky angles of the (Scion) xB, or think the (Acura) ZDX is sleek and sexy. But the extremely polarizing nature of these vehicles qualifies them for scrutiny.” Nissan Cube, Honda Crosstour get 2010 all-ugly honors 2

John McElroy, host of Autoline Daily and one of three auto industry experts Forbes asked for comments, said of the 2010 Acura ZDX:

“For some reason, has settled on this grill that I’ve described as a goofy jack-o-lantern grin. I don’t know anybody who likes it.”

Here’s the Forbes.com list of the ugliest cars of 2010:

Honda Accord Crosstour
Nissan Cube
Chevrolet HHR
Honda Element
Ford Flex
Mazda RX8
Acura ZDX
Scion xB

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Article Last Updated: December 20, 2010.

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