Car buyers remain neutral with silver, black favorite colors

James Raia

There’s Ferrari Red, of course. Bruce Springsteen sings the praises of a pink Cadillac. But those colors are the exceptions to the rule. Most car buyers opt for silver or black, with the two uninspired colors battling closely for the most popular vehicle color globally.

According to the yearly survey by DuPont, only two percentage points separate silver from black as the leading vehicle color globally. White and gray are third and fourth among car colors choice. Red is the only non-neutral color in the top five.

The top 10 global vehicle colors:

1. Silver, 26 percent
2. Black/black effect, 24 percent
3 (tie). White/white pearl and gray, 16 percent each
5. Red, 6 perecent
6. Blue, 5 percent
7. Brown/beige, 3 percent
8. Green, two percent
9. Yellow/gold, one percent
10. Other colors, less than 1 percent (combined).

Article Last Updated: December 8, 2010.

1 thought on “Car buyers remain neutral with silver, black favorite colors”

  1. The psychology of this list is fascinating. I have a silver car myself and find the color hides dirt well. Maybe it also means I don't want to be noticed. Red car drivers on the other hand, may have a need to be noticed. Any surveys on the types of cars that are most common among the red cars?


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