Ten great, cheap 2011 cars, Ford Fiesta to VW Golf

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Ten great, cheap 2011 cars, Ford Fiesta to VW Golf

James Raia

The automotive industry is flush with inexpensive, economical, quality cars. The online business site, CNNMoney.com has compiled an impressive list of 10 cars, the Ford Fiesta to Honda Fit, all with entry level prices of under $18,000.

In its assessment of the Chevy Cruze, for example, the website editors write:

“General Motors makes a really nice small car. The best thing about the Chevy Cruze is that it looks, feels and drives like a real car. It’s not one of those “be happy-you-even-have-a-car” tin cans on wheels.

“The interior is made from better-than-you-paid-for stuff while the ride quality and performance are, likewise, a notch above. Most small car buyers are after practicality and comfort, not kicks, and the Cruze delivers with an airy-feeling interior and large, easy-to-pack trunk.”

Here’s the list of CNNMoney.com’s top-10 cheap cars for 2011, with price range and gas mileage averages for city and highway driving:

Ford Fiesta, $13,320-$17,120; 28-37;
Chevrolet Cruze, $16,275-$21,975; 24/36 mpg;
Honda Fit, $14,900-$16,400, 27/33 mpg;
Kia Soul, $13,200-$18,495; 26/31;
Volkswagen Golf, $17,965-$23,435; 22/30 mpg;
Honda Civic, $15,605-$25,490; 26/34 mpg;
Mazda3, $15,800-$23,010; 25/33 mpg;
Suzuki SX4, $16,499-$16,999, 23/32 mpg;
Nissan Versa, $9,990-$16,900; 26/34 mpg;
Scion xB, $16,000; 22/28 mpg.

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Article Last Updated: September 5, 2013.

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