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Lights, action, camera: Cars2 coming to theaters soon

The trailer for Cars2, which will debut in theaters June 24, offers a brief glimpse for the upcoming action comedy about Lightning McQueen, the main character, on the road in an international spy caper. Lights, action, camera: Cars2 coming to theaters soon 1

Cars2 is the sequel to the original Pixar 2008 animated filabout talking vehicles.

The star race car teams up with his pal Mater, the tow truck, to compete with the world’s fastest cars in the World Grand Prix.

Detours and potholes finds them tangled with secret agents, villainous vehicles and speed demon rivals.

Co-directed by John Lasseter (Cars) and Brad Lewis (Ratatouille’s producer), the footage covers ground from the streets of Tokyo to London, Paris and Italy.

The cast features the voice talent of actor Owen Wilson (Marley & Me, Night at the Museum) and Michael Caine (The Dark Knight).


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