Honda three-wheel concept vehicle will debut at Geneva Motor Show

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Honda will continue its recent trend of futuristic-looking concept vehicles when it unveils the enclosed single-seat, three-wheeled Honda 3R-C at the Geneva Auto Show.

According to Honda, the electrical powertrain consisting of a motor and a battery pack will be housed in a front storage cell ahead of the driver’s seat. The power cell will be provided with a lock in order to ensure enhanced safety of the battery pack.

The enclosed capsule of the auto will make the Honda 3R-C an all-weather motor option. With the introduction of the third wheel, physically challenged persons will also be able to experience the thrill of biking using the Honda 3R-C.

European designers created the concept at the Honda’s R&D facility in Milan, Italy; however, there is no information yet about post-production marketing of the vehicle.

This new sci-fi design of the Honda three-wheeler is certainly a move forward to combine economy with mobility and safety.

Honda made the rounds with in concept car, Peanut, at various international auto shows.

The 80th Geneva Auto Show is scheduled March 4-14. For more information, visit:

Geneva Auto Show


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