Roman Mica, a contributor editor to The Weekly and owner and director of the car site, just returned from the North American International Auto Show. Mica reported on many vehicles at the show, which like all car shows, included manufacturers’ concept vehicles like the MINI Beachcomber Concept Car.


Here’s Mica’s dispatch and video on the new MINI:

“Fun in the sun was the theme of the new MINI Beachcomber concept car which debuted rat the 2010 North American International Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS).

“There’s nothing like a bunch of beach-going, dancing, half-naked surfer guys and gals to introduce a new car concept to the world, right?

“Will the MINI Beachcomber be coming to a beach near your house? It depends how much you like it. So here’s how the gang at the beach in Detroit helped debut the MINI Beachcomber.”

To read and view more of Roman Mica’s perspective on the automotive scene, visit:


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