Jaguar Super V8, 2008: Bill Belew's Car Buzz

James Raia

Jaguar Super V8, 2008: Bill Belew's Car Buzz 1Life is different in a Jaguar Super V8. It’s especially different in a Super V8 with a 400 horsepower, six-speed automatic and a 4.2 liter engine adorned with inlaid walnut burl veneer and a whole busload of other items I didn’t even know could be put in a car.

Life before and after the Jaguar Super V8 in no particular order.

Before — I used to worry about fuel prices.

After — If I can afford this car, ($95K) I don’t need to worry about another $1-2/gallon increase. Besides 22 mpg on the highway and the Jaguar will get me from San Francisco to Los Angeles, Cincinnati to Nashville, the New Orleans to Miami.

Before — I used to hate getting stuck in traffic.

After — I just love sitting in the Jaguar. Who needs to get anywhere in a hurry when you are sitting in a moving living room?

Before —  used to have to fumble with CDs.

After — Now, I hit the 60’s button, the 70’s, Gold and the Jaguar chooses for me what I want to hear. Ah, Herman’s Hermits, Crosby, Stills and Nash. If you don’t know who they are, you won’t want to drive a Jaguar anyway.

Before —  used to put my feet through the floor and run like the dickens to help my car go faster – Flintstone style.

After — n the Jaguar Super V8, 40 is the new 70 or is it the other way around? I took a friend for a ride and I could have sworn we were doing about 40 mph on the highway that passes in front of Apple, Inc. headquarters on one side and Hewlett-Packard on the other. When I looked at the speedometer, we were heading quickly toward 80 mph.

Before — Young women at the gym never noticed me. I hardly even noticed me.

After — And, I swear this is true, the prettiest woman stepped out of her 2008 VW Jetta (a good-looking car in itself), turned, looked at me getting out of the Jaguar, smiled and greeted me like I was the Hulk. We walked to the gym together.

Before — I looked at my digital clock to read the time.

After — The small analog clock on the dash of the Jaguar tells me the time. Great touch!

Before  — My wife and her parents outnumbered me three to one on what the interior temperature should be set at.

After — In the Jaguar, all four of us have our own individual temperature controls. And]]> , one for the baby, too!

Before — I hated the cold.

After — I wished for somewhere unpleasant to go in the Jaguar Super V8 just so I could turn on my heated seat.

Before — I hated it my wife or kids moved the driver’s seat.

After — I hit the memory button (I’m #1!) and the Jaguar put the seat with me in it back where I wanted it. The ‘cat knows what I like.

Before — I cared about whether I was driving fast enough.

After — In the Jaguar, I worry about going too fast.

Before — I guessed, usually rightly, where the right side of the car was heading when I parked tail in.

After — That automatic tilt-down mirror on the right side of the Jaguar showed me. It’s this kind of attention to detail that distinguishes this car.

Before — I yelled at my wife to not pack so much when we traveled.

After — The trunk of the Jag is so big her parents could sleep in it. Maybe I’ll…never mind.

Before — I fumbled around looking for button controls.

After — The Jaguar’s interior buttons light up just enough for me to find them yet keep my eyes on the road.

Before — I used to hate driving to work.

After — Now it’s can I drive? I’ll bring the Jag. Please? Please let me drive?

My good friend asked me, “Who do you think this car is for, Bill? Who’s going to buy and drive a car like this?”

My answer — Young-at-heart and age grandpas and grandmas everywhere. Baby boomers who can afford it and have grand kids they need to haul around from time to time. When they don’t know what to do to entertain the kids they need only to put the kids the back seat and let them watch a DVD.  It won’t matter to who’s up front much, if at all, because for them, life is different when they are in a Jaguar Super V8.

Safety Features — Adaptive Restraint System, D&P Front and Side Airbags, Dynamic Stability Control, Energy Absorbent Front Seats, Remote Entry, Security System, Side Curtain Airbags, Tire Pressure Monitoring

Fuel Mileage (estimates) — 15 mpg (city) 22 mpg (highway).

Warranty — Bumper to bumper, 4 years/50,000 miles new vehicle limited warranty.

Base Price — $95,200.

Article Last Updated: June 11, 2008.

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