Volvo P1800 Begins Daily Telegraph's List Of "The 100 Most Beautiful Cars" (Nos. 100-81)

James Raia

volvoTwo car enthusiasts within a few blocks of our home in East Sacramento both own Volvo P1800s. I don’t know the people, but I admire the cars they drive, and apparently lots of readers of The Daily Telegraph like to the car, too. The London-based newspaper, which this week is unveiling its readers’ selections of “The 100 Most Beautiful Cars” selected the Volvo as No. 100.

The newspaper commented: “According to one reader, ‘It looks even better when you remove its front and rear bumpers.’ ”

Here’s the start of the list, which the newspaper is publishing in 20-choice increments:

100. Volvo P1800
99. Triumph TR6
98. Triumph TR 4/5
97. Triumph Stag
96. Triumph Spitfire
95. Toyota 2000 GT
94. Peugeot 504 Coupe
93. Peugeot 406
92. Nissan 300 ZX
91. Mini
90. Mercedes-Benz Pagoda (W113)
89. Mercedes-Benz 500K/540K
88. Maserati 350 GT
87. Maserati 250F
86. Lotus Europa
85. Land Rover Defender
84. Lancia Aurelia B20
83. Lamborghini Espada
82. Lagonda Rapide
81. Jaguar XK

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