Volvo P1800 Begins Daily Telegraph's List Of "The 100 Most Beautiful Cars" (Nos. 100-81)

James Raia

volvoTwo car enthusiasts within a few blocks of our home in East Sacramento both own Volvo P1800s. I don’t know the people, but I admire the cars they drive, and apparently lots of readers of The Daily Telegraph like to the car, too. The London-based newspaper, which this week is unveiling its readers’ selections of “The 100 Most Beautiful Cars” selected the Volvo as No. 100.

The newspaper commented: “According to one reader, ‘It looks even better when you remove its front and rear bumpers.’ ”

Here’s the start of the list, which the newspaper is publishing in 20-choice increments:

100. Volvo P1800
99. Triumph TR6
98. Triumph TR 4/5
97. Triumph Stag
96. Triumph Spitfire
95. Toyota 2000 GT
94. Peugeot 504 Coupe
93. Peugeot 406
92. Nissan 300 ZX
91. Mini
90. Mercedes-Benz Pagoda (W113)
89. Mercedes-Benz 500K/540K
88. Maserati 350 GT
87. Maserati 250F
86. Lotus Europa
85. Land Rover Defender
84. Lancia Aurelia B20
83. Lamborghini Espada
82. Lagonda Rapide
81. Jaguar XK

Article Last Updated: March 13, 2008.

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