VW Beetle To Ford Model T: The Top-5 Best-Selling Cars In History

James Raia

VW Beetle To Ford Model T: The Top-5 Best-Selling Cars In History 1How many Ford Model-Ts have you seen on the road, lately? Is it more than the number of Volkswagen Beetles or Toyota Corollas you’ve seen around town or on the freeway?

Personally, I liked to see more Model-Ts. But according to the automotive news web site, Automoportal.com, the Model T and the Corolla have a lot in common. Both are among the top-five best-selling cars in history.

1997 Toyota Corolla
1997 Toyota Corolla

Here’s the list of the top-five best-selling cars in history and a comment on each vehicle:


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1. Toyota Corolla. It’s now more than 40 years and it’s been manufactured in nine generations and more than 35 million have sold.  It’s topped the all-time bestseller list since 1997.

2.  Ford F Series Pickup. So far, 25 million have been sold. At a rate of 1 million cars sold per year, that translates into one every 30 seconds.

3. Volkswagen Golf. With 24 million Golfs sold since 1974, the sports GTi version recently celebrated its 30th birthday.

4. Volkswagen Beetle. The story goes that Adolf Hitler designed the car on a paper towel. And nearly 21.1 million have sold in the last 60 years.

5. Ford Model T. “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black.” It’s among the greatest adages in automotive history and it worked — for 16.5 million customers.

Article Last Updated: February 27, 2008.

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