worst cars

The worst car ever? Auto-Kabine, a VW Bug on steroids

The ugliest car ever made is an ideal topic over a great burger and couple of beers. There’s plenty of room ...

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2002 Pontiac Aztek: Worst Car in history.

Breaking Bad honors Pontiac Aztek as worst car ever

Best and worst cars lists are always subjective. More often than not the Pontiac Aztek tops the worst car list. And ...

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The Hummer is the weeklydriver.com's automotive disaster of the decade.

Hummer: Auto industry disaster of the decade

Originally conceived by the United States Army as a new “High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle” (HMMVV), the later named civilian Hummer ...

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Yugo endures as endearing, worst car ever made

The legend of the Yugo, the Yugoslavian-built mini sedan often cited as the worst car in history, lives on. Jonathan Welsh, ...

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