60 Minutes

Commentary: Elon Musk unhinged on 60 Minutes?

During the mid-1980s, comedian Martin Short had a recurring character on Saturday Night Live named Nathan Thurm, an always-defensive defensive attorney. ...

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The Lamborghini Veneno was featured on 60 Minutes.

60 Minutes calls Lamborghini: ‘Irrational Romance’

It isn’t often 60 Minutes reports on the auto industry, but the longstanding program’s segment on Lamborghini was varied and a ...

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The prototype of the Mercedes-Benz driverless car.

60 Minutes, Mercedes-Benz steer driverless cars

In its segment on driverless cars, 60 Minutes showcased the latest technology being hotly pursued by numerous automakers, most notably Mercedes-Benz ...

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Andy Rooney: A 'love affair' with Lexus and the used car industry

In his iconic career with CBS, Andy Rooney gave opinions about politicians and personalities and even used cars, including the history ...

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Andy Rooney: Bumper-to-bumper rant on car repairs

With this rant by Andy Rooney on car bumpers, the logical assumption is that the CBS commentator, who retired Oct. 2 ...

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Top Gear, the BBC car show, revisited by 60 Minutes

It isn’t the only television car show, but Top Gear is the program many others have copied. The BBC show is ...

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