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Jensen Huang recently announced a series of new AI solutions in several areas including autonomous driving

NVIDIA reveals AI solutions including autonomous driving

During the recent GTC Fall 21 keynote address this morning, NVIDIA Founder and CEO Jensen Huang announced industry-transforming AI and accelerated ...

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2013 LA Auto Show: 2014 Lincoln.

2013 LA Auto Show: Money, statistics, prices

The 2013 LA Auto Show presents a sensory overload of new cars — entry level Chevrolet and Toyota models to exotic ...

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2013 Honda Civic get good IIHS rating

Honda Civic proves small is huge in IIHS safety tests

Honda has long been known for its efficiency, reliability and resale values. And its stellar safety reputation isn’t too bad, either ...

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BMW Recalls 200,000 Cars With Potential Air Bag Problems

The German automaker BMW AG, concerned front passenger seat airbags may not deploy, has recalled an estimated 200,000 X3 sport compacts ...

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Car dealer Cal Worthington and one of his many animals named "Spot."

Cal Worthington, car salesman, animal lover, comedian, dies at 92

Cal Worthington, the iconic car dealer and commercial pitchman who shared the television spotlight for decades with a variety of animals ...

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GM recalls 300,000 Chevy Impalas for faulty seat belts

For the second time in two years, General Motors has investigated faulty seat belts in Chevrolet Impalas and this time the ...

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Mitt Romney auto industry television campaign ripped by New York Times

Andrew Rosenthal, who has covered presidential elections for 25 years and is the current editorial page editor of The New York ...

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Hyundai popularity continues with all-time record sales month

Hyundai achieved its all-time best sales month in March 2012, with the South Korean manufacturer selling 69,728 vehicles. The record was ...

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Honda to make subcompact cars in Mexico, employ 3,200

Honda, which ranks no. 3 in the Japanese market and no. 5 in the U.S. market, is planning a further expansion ...

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Hyundai tops Mitsubishi for best car warranty honors

Keith Buglewicz, a writer for, has compiled an exhaustive list of car warranties and has determined that Hyundai offers the ...

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Vogue Tyre and Rubber Co. announces new signature model

A leading manufacturer of custom-built tyres for more than 96 years, Vogue Tyre and Rubber Company has announced the debut and ...

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Automotive history celebration for 100th Indy 500 anniversary

A century of automotive heritage will be honored and judged May 13-14, 2011 during the 100th Anniversary Indy 500 Celebration of ...

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Cheap insurance available for savvy car shoppers

By Joanne Kwon The recession has affected consumers from all economic levels. And when financial times are tough, both the rich ...

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Bloom Energy bloom box debuts, hailed as 'future of American energy'

Bloom Energy, the Silicon Valley start-up, has unveiled its mission to revolutionize the efficient use of fuel resources with its new ...

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Nissan announces sponsorship with Lance Armstrong's new Radio Shack team

Automakers and bicycle racing have always been a good mix, and now Nissan has joined Jaguar and Skoda, the Czech manufacturer, ...

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