Clint Eastwood

Chrysler 300 special edition, John Varvatos

Chrysler strange, powerful bedfellows, Eminem, Clint Eastwood, Iggy Popp

Saad Chehab, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Chrysler Brand and Chrysler Group LLC, recently spoke to a group of ...

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Chrysler, Clint East Super Bowl commercial parody: Bailouts, Madonna, Polar Bears

It's halftime. Both teams are listening to a Madonna performance that sounds eerily similar to a Lady Gaga song they'll hear ...

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Chrylser, Clint Eastwood Super Bowl commercial parody: It's halftime in Grand Rapids

In this parody of the Clint Eastwood's commercial for Chrysler, the voiceover isn't as strong as it could be. Nonetheless, it's ...

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Clint Eastwood gets down and dirty for Chrysler, America in Super Bowl ad

With Clint Eastwood and his still powerful but raspy voice as the audio and images of Detroit and its people draped ...

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