Did Your Driving Lead You into A Wreck? Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Car Accidents In Houston

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Did Your Driving Lead You into A Wreck? Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Car Accidents In Houston

Since their invention, cars have been a transport solution for many individuals worldwide. During their early years of invention, they were mainly used by the rich due to their prices and their small number in the market. Over time, there was a revolution in the automotive industry which led to the mass manufacture of different models of cars that were affordable for all types of classes.

With time accident rates started increasing. While some drivers took their time to get trained before driving, others did self-training and started driving on the roads like everyone else. This has contributed to many car accidents all over the world. in our article, we will be narrowing down our scope to car accidents that are occurring in Houston.

Did Your Driving Lead You into A Wreck? Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Car Accidents In Houston

What are the causes of car wrecks in Houston?

Houston is one of the many cities in the world where people rely on cars as their major mode of transport. Over the past few years, the state has recorded a very high number of car accidents which is very alarming. while there is no specific established list of the causes of accidents, from the reports and investigations some common causes were determined.

They are as discussed below;

·               Careless driving

In simple times this can be described as negligence. Drivers must follow all the laws regarding traffic, in cases where they fail to do so they end up causing accidents. A practical example of this is when the traffic law specifically says that no one should overtake on a busy road. Even though the law is very clear on that, some drivers still end up doing it, worse in high ways where they end up causing accidents.

·               Drunk driving

Taking alcohol impairs driving skills of a person and prevents them from thinking soberly. This applies to the roads as well.

·               Poor roads

Poorly built roads and non-maintained ones are at a high risk of causing accidents. Practically, it has been evident where roads that potholes have been causing a lot of accidents.

·               Manufacturing limitations

Manufacturers are obligated to manufacture fully equipped vehicles. In some instances, they fail to do so, or they manufacture their cars using cheap parts that can fail to function at any point posing a risk of causing accidents.

·               Maintenance issues

When you fail to take your car for servicing and maintenance as scheduled by your auto dealer, you are a risk of committing accidents.

·               Weather conditions

At times weather conditions such as fog and mist affect the visibility of drivers on the roads. It is therefore advisable, that they should avoid driving when such conditions are present to prevent the occurrence of accidents.

Types of car accidents in Houston

The most common types of car accidents in Houston include;

  • Multi-party accidents
  • Head-on collisions
  • Severe accidents
  • Read- end accident
  • Single vehicle accident
  • Roll-over accident

Steps to take upon the occurrence of accidents

Accidents normally leave someone either badly injured or confused and not knowing what to do. The next steps that someone takes depend on how hurt they are. For minor accidents, you will be in a better position to act better because the injuries are minimal and manageable. On the other hand, severe accidents involve a lot of damage and injuries which might make it difficult for you to take any step.

If you are involved in an accident or you see an accident occur, outlined below are the major steps that you should take;

·               First aid

The short period between the occurrence of the accident and getting medical attention can cost the life of someone. It is therefore very important that first aid is done to the victims of the accident to preserve their lives as they wait for medical attention from trained medical personnel. For instance, if you happen to see an accident occur and someone is left bleeding, you can use one of your clothes to tie their wound to stop heavy bleeding.

·               Call 911

After you have conducted first aid on them, you are then required to call 911 and request medical attention. You would be required to answer a few questions like; where the accident occurred, and what state the victim is in.

·               Collect the necessary evidence

This mainly applies to witnesses of accidents or people who have been involved in minor accidents. collecting evidence will help you in your search for justice after the occurrence of an accident. This involves the taking of pictures of the scene, getting information about the vehicle and the driver, and the number of people that were in the said vehicle.

·               Insurance

It is the basic requirement that all cars must have an insurance cover. This will help in terms of compensation when accidents occur. While dealing with the insurance company might be a challenge, the attorney will help you by ensuring that you are compensated fully.

·               Appoint a legal representative

Following up on the acquisition of justice as an individual might be difficult. It is therefore advisable that you appoint a good car wreck lawyer to help you with the process.

Advantages of being represented by a car wreck lawyer

Having understood that following up the process can be exhausting at an individual level, a car wreck lawyer will prove instrumental at that point. Here is why;

·               Sufficiently trained

Car wreck lawyers are well-educated and trained to handle all matters regarding the legal profession. They are well aware of the traffic laws and steps that need to be followed in case of occurrences such as accidents.

·               Negotiation skills

As part of their curriculum, lawyers are trained in out-of-court settlement methods. This will be instrumental when dealing with insurance companies to get you the compensation that you deserve.

·               Contingency basis

Most car wreck lawyers work on a contingency basis, where they get paid only when they win. With this, you will be guaranteed that your money won’t go down the drain until you are sure that you won the case.

·               Litigation

When justice is not found through out-of-court methods, you should seek it before a judge or a jury. The court processes are normally very engaging, and they require someone who is an expert in that field to build a strong case. Houston car wreck lawyers will be very helpful in such situations.

Did Your Driving Lead You into A Wreck? Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Car Accidents In Houston

How to find the best car wreck lawyer in Houston

Outlined below are a few tips that will help you find the best car wreck in Houston

  • Their experience level
  • Their area of specialization
  • Past client’s review
  • Whether they have a solid place of business
  • Their customer service skills
  • Their ease of accessibility
  • Whether they have a valid practicing license


Cars are the basic mode of transport for so many people in Houston. Due to that, several accidents have been reported on the same. Unless the situation is handled, the state is at a risk of experiencing more accidents resulting in the deaths of its citizens.

 It is therefore recommended that all drivers take measures such as motor safety training, obtaining permits, wearing protective gear, and strict compliance with the traffic legal framework to manage accident issues. Additionally, lawyers play a very crucial role in the administration of justice for the accident victims.

Article Last Updated: June 25, 2024.

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