Expected Features of Modern Racing Games

Michael James

Expected Features of Modern Racing Games

The features of modern racing games offer an escape from real life and the chance to do things you usually can’t, such as enter street races for money in a supercar. From entering tournaments to immersing yourself in a race through virtual reality, here are some to expect.

Expected Features of Modern Racing Games

Grinding for In-Game Cash

As part of a live service game, in-game or virtual currencies are often used to purchase things inside a game. You can earn this for free or pay for it using real-world cash. This helps monetize the game and allows developers to keep the service going. G

rinding for in-game money almost always takes a long time. You can use modded accounts to get what you want in almost any type of game these days, saving you time and money in your game.

Competitive Online Tournaments 

When you get good at a specific racing title, from Mario Kart to Project Cars, you want to show off your skills. You can record your exploits and upload them. The real challenge comes from racing other people rather than an AI simulation.

Most modern racing games hold competitions where you can win tons of in-game cash, real prizes, or, most importantly, bragging rights. Keep an eye on your in-game news feed for when tournaments are coming up to enter.

Multiplayer Features of Modern Racing Games

There is a lot of focus on multiplayer elements in games these days, especially live-service games. And most modern racing games have gone down the live service route. While racing can be solitary, most offer multiplayer options as well.

Gran Turismo 7 and Forza Horizon 5 are among the most popular. FH5 often has a player base that fluctuates between 12,000 and 35,000 concurrent gamers, so there is always someone willing to take part in a session.

Virtual Reality for an Immersive Experience

Not all games benefit from VR. But when it works, it is amazing. Gran Turismo 7 in virtual reality offers the most immersive racing experience available today.

Combined with the stunning fidelity the PlayStation 5 offers and the true-to-life physics of the vehicles, you will want to dust off your steering wheel once more as your racing dreams come true in the safety of your own home.

With a Logitech premium wheel and VR, you see, hear, and feel everything on the speedway.

Expected Features of Modern Racing Games

Photo Mode for Showing Off Rides

Photo Mode has become very popular these days. It is so popular that AAA developers are forced to include it in an update by fan demand if it isn’t there at launch. As such, Photo Mode is now an expected feature in all games, not just racing.

Given that racing game enthusiasts take so much pride in customized vehicles, it’s as if Photo Mode was made for shooting vehicles. FH5 and GT7 offer intuitive Photo Mode features for showing off your pride and joy.


Having to grind for in-game currency is one of the expected features of modern racing games if they are live services. Any good AAA racing game also offers multiplayer options. What would it be if you couldn’t show off your favorite vehicles with an in-game Photo Mode?

Article Last Updated: January 29, 2024.

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