How to start a car-hauling company in 13 steps

Michael James

A car-hauling business can lucrative, but it’s important to research first and make sure you’re covering the required areas.

Here are 13 steps needed to start a successful car-hauling business — registering your business to marketing it.

Get The Necessary Permits And Licenses

Before you can start your car-hauling business, make sure it’s legal in your state or locality.

To successfully run a car-hauling business requires key legal and commonsense practices.
To successfully run a car-hauling business requires key legal and commonsense practices.

Depending on where you live, it may include obtaining a commercial driver’s license, registering for special taxes, filing for federal and/or state insurance and obtaining a business license.

Find Financing

Start-up costs for any business can be high. You may need to secure outside funding to start your car-hauling business. Sources of financing include grants from local government agencies, loans from banks or private investors or crowdfunding campaigns.

Purchase Vehicles For Hauling

Once you’ve secured the necessary financial backing, it’s time to purchase the vehicles you’ll need for your car-hauling business. You should consider factors like size, capacity, fuel efficiency and cost of maintenance when selecting a vehicle or fleet of vehicles.

Hire Employees

If you plan on running your car hauling business with employees rather than subcontractors, you’ll need to hire the right people. Make sure they have the proper licensure and experience in order to ensure the safe transportation of clients’ cars. The right employees will also ensure the highest quality customer service.

The right permits are required to operate a car-hauling business.
The right permits are required to operate a car-hauling business.

Obtain Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance is a must if you want to protect your business from potential losses due to accidents or theft while transporting goods. Talk to an insurance agent about obtaining coverage for your car-hauling business.

Market And Advertise Your Services

There are many ways to market your car hauling business, including social media, print ads, radio spots, and billboard advertisements. You should also create an online presence for your business with a website and or blog where potential customers can find out more about you and your services.

Establish Rates And Payment Systems

It’s important to decide on fair prices for your services before accepting clients. You should also have a system in place for collecting payments from customers — cash, credit cards, etc.

Streamline Your Business Operations

To ensure your car-hauling business runs smoothly, have an organized system for tracking orders, scheduling deliveries and pickups, managing invoices and billing and other business practices You may want to invest in software or systems designed specifically for the transportation industry to help automate many of these processes.

Develop Customer Relationships

Good customer service is key to any successful business — including car hauling. Make sure you get feedback from customers with your services so that you can make changes where necessary and continue providing excellent service.

Expand Your Network

The best way to grow your car-hauling business is by networking with other companies within the industry. It may include forming partnerships with other transportation companies, joining trade associations and organizations and attending industry events.

Lawyer Up

Hire an attorney to help you with any legal issues that may arise when starting and running your car-hauling business. This will ensure you remain compliant with applicable laws and regulations in your area. Get an 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney to help you out if any mishap happens.

Stay Organized And Up-To-Date

The key to running any successful business is staying organized and up-to-date on everything related to the industry. This includes researching best practices, monitoring current trends, learning new technologies and software, and keeping track of all your records.

Protect Your Business And Customers

Take steps to protect your business and customers’ cars from theft or damage. Invest in security measures like locks on trailers and other vehicles, GPS tracking devices for vehicles and surveillance cameras for warehouses or storage facilities.

Starting a car-hauling business is not easy. It requires careful planning and preparation — the vehicle you use, employees and the systems engaged to operate and growing your business.

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Article Last Updated: December 3, 2022.

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