6 motorcycle driving tips for safe travel

Michael James

The United States has miles of scenic roads and with proper riding Motorcycle Accidents can be avoided.

Here are several motorcycles driving safety tips:

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Watching traffic, being alert to road conditions and checking engine oil and tire levels are important guidelines and skills to hone as a motorcycle driver.

Motorcycle accident occur but can be curtailed by using proper safety guidelines.
Motorcycle accidents occur but can be curtailed by using proper safety guidelines.

Wear High-Visibility Colors

Just as you need to wear a helmet’s safety essentials, don’t forget the colors. Using high-visibility colors on a bike is a great way to improve safety and visibility. These colors make you more noticeable, even in bad weather or at night. However, you should also use other means to increase visibility, such as lights and retro-reflective tape. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends riders wear high-visibility safety gear.

Avoid Driving Under The Influence

Among the many dos and don’ts of driving is being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It affects judgment and balance. It also changes the way you perceive and experience road conditions. It reduces your inhibitions, making it harder to judge your driving ability and the ability to make proper decisions.

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol increases the chances of risking your life and the lives of a passenger and others.

Avoid Auto Pilot

Many automobile drivers drift off and will essentially be on autopilot. It’s unwise, particularly on a motorcycle. The best way to drive a bike is to remember you’re not in a car.

Motorcyle accidents can reduced with proper precautions.
Motorcycle accidents can reduced with proper precautions.

Share The Road With A Passenger

Bike drivers share the road with others and it’s particularly important to remember if riding with a passenger. The safety of both occupants is imperative, and following specific tips is important. Lane-splitting (driving between lanes of traffic) is legal in only four states. It’s less safe with two occupants on one motorcycle

Remember you are sharing the road with other road users when you ride a motorcycle. This is especially true if you are riding with a passenger. This means you must learn how to share the road with a passenger while keeping both parties safe. You can follow some tips to make this ride safer for both parties. Some motorcycles will try to drive between the nooks and crannies of vehicles, which isn’t safe.

Mirrors Can Be Lifesavers

Whether a new or seasoned driver, using side mirrors can save lives. They help assess traffic flow and nearby vehicles. They’re the cheapest way to increase visibility and make you safe on the road.

It’s imperative to check your bike’s mirror before making a turn. It’s particularly important to remember to use your mirror when riding in a restricted zone or on a roundabout.

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Article Last Updated: May 18, 2023.

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