Illinois is stunning state for a safe drive

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Chicago, Illinois is a major transportation and museum hub. It’s well-known for its cuisine, including horseshoe sandwiches, deep dish pizzas and corn dogs. Illinois was also the first state to abolish slavery.

Illinois offers a lot for visitors, particularly for those who want to drive around the state.

Here’s a comprehensive list of places to visit:

Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive

Spoon River Valley is a picturesque 140-mile trip with more than two-dozen attractions. The lovely byway hosts flea markets, antique shows and handmade delicacy businesses. Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive Fall Festival is the main attraction of the valley’s scenic drive.

Chicago, Illinois has many scenic road trips.
Chicago, Illinois has many scenic road trips.

The Spoon River has created a vast geographic valley across Fulton County. It offers remarkable richness throughout the valley and inspired founders to conduct the inaugural Fall Festival.

If you like diverse food, crafts, collectibles, antiques and history, among other options, the Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive is a must-see.

Illinois Lincoln Highway

The Lincoln Highway spans from coast to coast through several states, with the Illinois Lincoln Highway as a highlight. The highway extends for 111 miles from east to west across the state.

The original 35 interpretative murals along the Lincoln Highway are the work of the Illinois Lincoln Highway Coalition, including local historians, artists and civic leaders.

The route offers the ideal atmosphere and opportunity for family, friends and couples to enjoy breakfast, get-togethers, picnics and supper dates.

Illinois Lincoln Highway also offers a scenic vista for those who enjoy romantic drives, the outdoors, culture, history, and other things.

Driving in Illinois provides a diverse, scenic selection of nature.
Driving in Illinois provides a diverse, scenic selection of nature.

Other attractions along the Illinois Lincoln Highway include Ronald Reagan’s Home and the 1950s Midway Drive-In Theater in Sterling. The original 1928 Lincoln Highway concrete markers in Ashton and the 1926 Rialto Square Theater in Joliet, the Black Hawk Statue and the Eternal Indian in Oregon are also among attractions.

Ohio River Scenic Byway

The Ohio scenic byway spans 300 miles in Illinois alone, finishing near the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers and connecting the countryside to the Ohio River.

The bypass highlights tremendous history as well as natural, scenic beauty. And there’s an unrivaled rural environment, one-of-a-kind antique and artisan shops, regional food and wines and the Ohio River.

On Indiana’s Ohio River Scenic Byway, several traditional communities thrive. It creates a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere by linking you to country life away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The byway signifies the historical living of Native American settlements up till the industrialization era. Scholars referred to these people as Mississippians.

The Ohio River Scenic Byway offers history, tranquility, ground roots, arts, nature and a kind experience to the visitors.

Long Hollow Scenic Overlook

Want to experience some English local vibes? There’s no better place than Long Hollow Scenic Byway. Its magnificent rolling scenery and breathtaking vistas of the valley will transport you into rural England.

Located just before Galena in Elizabeth, Long Hollow Scenic Overlook is a great place to stop and rest. It offers provides picnic tables, shelters and other facilities for visitors.

Long Hollow Scenic Overlook displays a stunning show of colors during the fall. The pastoral scene appears to be painted in crimson, orange and gold tones.

Peoria’s Grand View Drive

A drive with a grand view, Peoria’s Grand View Drive lives up to its name. President Theodore Roosevelt called it the “world’s most magnificent drive.”

Grand View Drive is located in central Illinois and follows the Illinois river for about 2.5 miles, mostly through the town of Peoria.

Peoria’s Grand View Drive is full of ancient structures and breathtaking panoramas of the river. The surrounding vegetation is stunning year-round. Peoria’s Grand View Drive is a drive that defines the natural wonders of the area.

Illinois Road Trip Safety

Knowing about the scenic drive around places in Illinois is best experienced by organizing and preparing for a safe trip.

Here are some practical suggestions:

Double inspect your car before taking an Illinois road trip.  Check and replenish engine oil. Replace the brake fluids. Check the pressure and condition of all tires, including the spare. Check the condition of the battery. Make sure to travel with an emergency toolkit.

Particularly when traveling in an unfamiliar location, prepare and carry a detailed itinerary, a power bank for mobile devices and an extra supply of water.

Be sure to have Illinois car insurance. Every state has its car insurance characteristics and distinctions. In Illinois everything is included auto insurance — roadside assistance, temporary transport coverage, medical payments and additional benefits.

Illinois is a vast, varied and beautiful state to visit. Make certain to appropriately plan your trip while considering the importance of proper auto insurance and a safe vehicle.

Article Last Updated: August 29, 2022.

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