Vintage cars are great fun, need care, quickly empty wallets

Michael James

Monterey Auto Week has been canceled for 2020

Vintage cars are often neither fuel-effective nor budget-friendly. But they look, feel great and drive beautifully. Sit or drive a classic vehicle and the experience can be a coolness and freeing feeling, not too dissimilar to what Sean Connery must have felt like when he driving an Aston Martin in a James Bond film.

If you attend a classic event in your area, such as the Monterey Auto Week, it’s the perfect opportunity to get to know more about your favorite cars and how owners preserve them.

Vintage cars are fun to own, but they can costly to own.
Vintage cars are fun to own, but they can also be costly costly to own while requiring a lot of repairs and regular maintenance.  All images © James Raia.

Classic vehicles require a lot of care and repair to remain on the road — even if the vehicle is only sporadically driven.

Vintage Cars Greatly Vary

If driving a classic vehicle on a getaway weekend is appealing, it’s best to consider the costs involved. It can greatly vary.

Rent Rather Than Buy

As tempting as it may be to own vintage cars, there’s a significant change in the owner’s budget and driving routine from owning a current car. Vintage vehicle owners must ensure their cars are parked safely in a locked garage where the temperature and moisture levels can be controlled.

A 1959 Rolls-Royce is a great choice among vintage cars
A 1959 Rolls-Royce is a great choice among vintage cars

Additionally, consider the cost of servicing, repair and classic car insurance. If you are planning a weekend on the road in a vintage ride, the easiest option could be to rent a car. Many vintage hire services  have experts have vehicle fleets and know the nuances of specialty automobile maintenance. Some vintage vehicle rental companies also have a relationship with individual car owners who rent automobiles.

Pack Essential Tools

Even if you’re not a mechanic, when driving your classic car, be prepared for potential on-the-road problems. It’s essential to understand a vintage car’s needs. Classic cars can be temperamental and experience sudden and unexpected issues.

Vintage Cars Need Repair

Mechanical problems with vintage cars can often easily be fixed on the road with the proper tools. To pack a travel tool kit wisely, typically it will include screwdrivers, drive sockets (1/4 inch and 3/8 inch), Allen wrenches, ignition wire pliers, breaker bar, water-pump pliers, needle nose pliers, jumper cables and a set of wrenches.

Prepare Your Accessories And Attire

If a weekend driving trip in a vintage car is appearing, why wear appropriate attire and have fun with it? A classic wristwatch from the 1950s, a Rolex Smurf, is a stylish touch. Many classic accessories are available at antique markets and can be borrowed from vintage car owners. Dressing the part in a vintage vehicle is cool, particularly for a special event like a themed wedding. Many rental companies specialize in classic outfits and excellent modern reproductions.

For vintage car enthusiasts, driving a classic vehicle is a dream come true. It can occur at a high cost, including mechanic maintenance. But if you want the experience without undue stress, perhaps it’s best to rent a vehicle and the appropriate attire for the maiden getaway weekend.

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Article Last Updated: April 29, 2022.

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