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5 Ways To Make A Car Sound System Sensational

Investing in a quality car sound system enhances the driving experience.


A car sound system isn’t just about making music sound great. You can also use your stereo to retrieve the audio portion of drive-in movies.  You can talk with friends and family via a smartphone Bluetooth connection. You can listen to audiobooks or sporting events.

But when building a sensational-sounding car stereo system, it’s all about the music.

A quality car sound system makes for a better listening experience.
A quality car sound system makes a better listening experience.

If your factory-installed audio system isn’t providing the bass, power or clarity desired, consider audio addons, like subwoofers for cars or trucks. Or consider buying a new audio system that can deliver “concert sound.”

Here are five ways to make a car stereo system sound sensational:

Speaker Upgrade

Investing in new speakers is a good way to begin upgrading your factory-installed car stereo system. Factory speakers, even if the salesperson considers them the best, usually deliver subpar sound. You’ll notice an immediate difference in sound quality with upgraded speakers.

Many options are available, so try as many speakers as possible, then decide based on quality within your budget. Keep in mind: the speakers you purchase may require the power output of an additional amplifier.

Amplifier Addon

Adding a new amplifier for your new speakers will add more power and allow you to blast music at a high volume and with better sound quality.

Investing in a quality car sound system enhances the driving experience.
Investing in a quality car sound system enhances the driving experience.

Make sure to invest in the highest quality wires and cables. Cheap copper-clad aluminum may “starve your amp” of its power and will result in poor speaker sound quality, clarity and detail. A line output to connect the new amplifier to the factory-installed radio may also be required.

Subwoofer Addon

Further improve your car stereo sound by adding a subwoofer. It enhances previously absent low frequencies. Subwoofers also provide deep, dense tones small speakers can’t reproduce. The result: You may notice bass notes and other sounds you’ve never heard in your favorite music.

Sound Deadening Addon

Cars are essentially tin cans; they can cause a great reduction in your new audio system’s sound quality. The solution: add a sound-deadening product into the environment. Carpeting, for example, can eliminate “road noise” and metal vibration.

Minimally, invest in sound deadening around the speakers and in other locations where vibration is prominent. It will greatly improve sound quality even on the open road at high speeds.

Radio Upgrade

With your upgrade investment, also consider upgrading your radio. Some factory radios are built into the dash and difficult to switch out. But if your radio can be changed, you can then drop the line output converters required for the amplifier and add a new radio that boasts excellent RCA class outputs. These outputs will give the amp a higher quality signal.

Also consider Bluetooth technology, internet connections, Sirius radio play and Alexa Artificial Intelligence (AI). While the stereo’s music will take center stage, the audio system is intended to provide all types of entertainment from football games to drive-in movies.



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