5 things to do if you’re in a car crash

Michael James

After a car crash, it's best to contact a lawyer.


As bad as it may seem to anticipate getting involved in a car crash, accidents occur every day, particularly once you’re a driver or frequent passenger.

Six million people are involved in crashes every year in the United States. It’s a nerve-wracking experience. But knowing how to stay calm and how to seek help can assist your recovery from road accidents.

After a car crash, it's best to stay calm.
After a car crash, it’s best to stay calm.

Here are the top 5 things to do when you get involved in a car crash:

1. Control Your Emotions

An accident can cause severe stress. If you’re involved in an accident, remember to try to keep calm. It’s not your responsibility or the responsibility of the others in the accident to determine fault. Your only responsibility is to inform the essential information to your insurance provider and law enforcement. Your insurance company and your attorney will take care of the rest of the issue.

2. Record The Accident Scene

It’s advisable to record photographic evidence of the crash scene. Take pictures of all the cars involved in the crash, showing different angles of the damage, road hazards and skid marks. Take photographs of vehicles’ license plates, driver’s license and insurance documents.

Car Crash Help Online

Some insurance companies have online systems that allow you to virtually submit car crash photos, instead of waiting for an adjuster to visit the scene and assess the damage.

After a car crash, it's best to contact a lawyer.
After a car crash, it’s best to contact a lawyer.

Take verbal or written notes of all of the details you can recall about the car crash  . . . the time of the crash, road conditions, weather, and other driver or drivers’ activities.

3. Call Law Enforcement And Medical Personnel

Determine if you or others are injured and call an ambulance (911) and law enforcement. Seek immediate medical attention, if warranted. Some states require you to call 911, depending on the location of the accident. You can also visit the nearest police station to file a report. Keep a copy of the police report for the accident claim process.

4. Start An Auto Insurance Claim

Contact your insurance provider as soon as possible after the accident. It will expedite the claim and your insurance company may help you benefit from other services on your insurance policy.

Determine what documents you need to provide your insurer and remember you are entitled to all benefits of your policy. Ask if there’s a deadline for you to file a claim and when you can expect to get feedback from the company. If your vehicle is still drivable, consider visiting a drive-in claims center.

5. Hire An Accident Lawyer

Some insurance companies wouldn’t comply when accident survivors don’t get help from attorneys. Motorcyclists often get blamed, even when their machines are wrecked. In this case, seek a motorcycle accident lawyer specialist. Skill accident attorneys defend their clients and seek fair compensation. Don’t let an insurance company determine the outcome without an attorney’s expertise.

Article Last Updated: February 2, 2021.

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