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2017 Toyota Prius Prime named Green Car of the Year

The 2017 Toyota Prime is the Green Car of the Year.

For the second straight year, Toyota has been awarded World Green Car honors at the New York International Auto Show. The Toyota Prius Prime was named this year’s winner after its sibling, the Toyota Mirai, earned the award last year.

The Prius Prime was chosen from an initial entry list of 12 new vehicles from around the world. Tailpipe emissions, fuel consumption, and use of a major advanced power plant technology (beyond engine componentry), aimed specifically at increasing the vehicle’s environmental responsibility, were all taken into consideration.

The 2017 Toyota Prius Prime has been named the World Green Car of the Year.
The 2017 Toyota Prius Prime has been named the World Green Car of the Year.

Toyota is no stranger to the World Car Awards program, now in its 13th year. In addition to the Mirai’s win last year, the Toyota Prius earned “Top Three in the World” status in 2010 for both the World Green Car and the overall World Car of the Year categories. The Toyota GT86 was a “Top Three in the World” finalist for 2013 World Car of the Year; the Toyota iQ in 2009 for the same category and the Toyota Harrier Hybrid for 2006 World Green Car.

Vehicles in all award categories are selected and voted on by an international jury panel comprising 75 automotive journalists from 23 countries.

The Prius Prime replaced the Prius Plug-in Hybrid last year, more than doubling its battery-only range at 25 miles per charge. It’s had a strong sales year so far in the U.S., up 18.8 percent in March over February.

The World Green Car is the first major award won by the Prius Prime. It follows a long list of awards taken by the Prius hybrid since its introduction to the global market in 2000.

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