Chicago’s new dubious honor, longest average car commute

Michael James

How much would workforce efficiency improve if commuters didn’t have to commute or at least not spend as much time commuting?

How long does it take you to get to work in the morning? No doubt you’ve been asked this question. Swapping stories about traffic, rush hour and secret shortcuts is as common as commenting on the weather at many workplaces.

Chicago has the country's longest average commute time.
Chicago has the country’s longest average commute time.

The commuting dilemma also often provides lunchtime competition. Who has the most grueling drive? While many co-workers are likely traveling through many of the same congested streets and highways, have you ever wondered how your commute compares to problem in other parts of the country?

Auto Accessories Garage took the most recent data available from the US Census Bureau and compiled it into an interactive map to detail a list of the country’s most difficult commute cities

To determine your city’s average commute time, enter your zip code and the length of your daily drive. The map will show you how your daily grind compares to the average for your zip code city and state.

What you discover might be surprising. Your commute might be far time consuming than commuters in other cities. Or perhaps the time you spend driving to and from work isn’t as bad as your thought.

The results could also help commuters. Perhaps it will convince drivers in varies cities to find new, time-saving routes to their jobs.

Here are the five worst commutes in the United States among the 50 most populated states.

1. Chicago, 32.4 minutes
2. Philade, 31.2 minutes
3. New York, 29.5 minutes
4. Miami, 29.5 minutes
5. Los Angeles, 28.9 minutes


Article Last Updated: March 24, 2017.

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