Tesla oddity: Safest car ever tested but unreliable? (VIDEO)

Michael James

The Tesla Model S has been described as unreliable by Consumer Reports.

Telsa has revolutionized the automotive industry, but the super luxury electric car has just received its first major dubious honor. Consumer Reports has described $127,000 Tesla Model S has “worse than average” in reliability.

The unexpected rating is odd considering the prestigious publication in recent months selected the Tesla as the safest car ever made. It’s also rated as the publication’s best performing car.

According to the publication, results from the 1,400 responses from consumers detailed a long list of “maladies with the drivetrain, charging equipment, big-screen center console and evidence of a poorly-built vehicle with squeaks, rattles and leaks.”

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As a result, a Consumer Reports’ representative commented, “We are no longer recommending it.”

The Tesla Model S has been described as unreliable by Consumer Reports.
The Tesla Model S has been described as unreliable by Consumer Reports.

The magazine’s editors noted the Tesla’s rating is a step below average, but that it could have lower or the category titled “much worse than average.”

Jake Fisher, the magazine’s auto testing director, problems have cropped up in the Tesla. In addition to problems that Consumer Reports has previously identified, like door handles that would’t pop out, now there are issues with the car’s electric powertrain.

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Fisher specifically note Tesla owners having difficulty while having to replace balky electric motors or that there were onboard charging issues.

Tesla officials commented that respondents to the Consumer Reports survey lauded the automaker’s service and loyalty as the best in the world.

Fisher said the magazine isn’t backing down from its test results.

“The rating we gave was based on how the car performed in testing, and that still stands. It’s not the first time we’ve seen something like that.” He said Chevrolet Corvette sports car also performed well in testing, but poorly on reliability.

The video below details some of highly rate performance and safety attributes of the Tesla.

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