Barrett-Jackson debuts car care products

Michael James

Barrett-Jackson has introduced a new line of care care products.

Barrett-Jackson, the name synonymous with automobile auctions, has debuted a line of car care products for interior and exterior cleaning, waxing and restoration.

The exterior car care includes washes, waxes and detailers formulated with Carnauba wax, providing a durable finish and deep wet look shine. The wash and wax is a blend of cleaners, lubricators and hydrophobic polymers that gently lift and wash off dirt. It produces a renewed appearance with a lasting shine and is biodegradable and safe for all finishes.

Barrett-Jackson’s paste wax, spray wax, rapid detailer and liquid wax kit are formulated with hydrophobic polymers and work on all exterior surfaces including plastic, rubber and trim. For quick touch-ups, the rapid detailer provides spray-on and wipe-off convenience, producing a deep wet-look shine.

Barrett-Jackson has introduced a new line of care care products.
Barrett-Jackson has introduced a new line of automotive care products.

The new lineup of products also includes a chrome and metal polish, an interior protectant and leather cleaner & conditioner, a scratch and blemish remover and headlight lens restoration spray.

Products are now available in retail stores across North America, including Walmart, Pep Boys, Menards, Benny’s, select Home Depot locations and online through Amazon.com.

For more information on Barrett-Jackson premium auto care products, visit: www.barrettjacksonautocare.com.

Editor’s note: TheWeeklyDriver used the new products, compliments of the Barrett Jackson, on one of its vehicles, a five-year-old white Honda CR-V. Unlike some of longstanding brands, the Barrett-Jackson products had two distinct qualities. The exterior and interior products did not leave a residue and the fragrance is light, not overbearing. Overall, the products worked evenly and produced a quality shine.

Article Last Updated: July 30, 2015.

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