Auto Care Schedule Can Add Years To Vehicles’ Lifespans

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Cars continue to be a popular method of travel. For many families, the annual road trip offers several entertainment options. However, getting to the theme park, beach or the family reunion requires basic auto care tips to ensure getting there is half the fun and none of the headache.

Of course, keeping a car in top running condition requires dedication to a regular schedule, but that commitment offers a return on investment that makes sure everything on the vehicle is working precisely as it should be.

Oil Changes

While just about every car owner knows about the 3,000 mile or three-month cycle involved in changing the oil on the vehicle, few dedicate the necessary time to the event. Granted, the type of oil can impact the life span of the lubricating fluid, but owners should devote the time and funds to keep a regularly scheduled oil change. The benefit of keeping the motor properly lubricated is pretty well documented, and it is usually the key to keeping

Proper auto care essential to vehicle safety and longevity.
Proper auto care essential to vehicle safety and longevity.

The benefit of keeping the motor properly lubricated is pretty well documented, and it is usually the key to keeping a vehicle on the road year after year regardless of how many miles are traveled.


Keeping a vehicle clean is also a big way to keep it worthy of the annual road trip. While the vehicle will stay in top condition with a regular cleaning schedule, the event also provides the owner with the chance to inspect the car for any damage or hidden issues. Plus, removing the building up brake dust, mud, salt, and whatever else builds up over the course of a season serves as a remedy to fight off corrosion and premature body wear.

Tire Pressure

Where the rubber meets the road is a great place for owners to pay attention. Tire pressure affects safety issues like vehicle handling, but it also impacts fuel mileage. Therefore, checking the tire pressure ensures safe and reliable transportation. Better yet, if the oil change is performed by a third party, the tire tread and pressure is usually evaluated as well.

In short, informed owners gain the knowledge about what is going on with their car. Dedication to maintaining a care schedule and committing to meticulous monitoring of fluids can add years to the lifespan of the family vehicle. The tasks are relatively cost effective, but considering the amount of worry free driving that can be performed just by checking some basic things, the time generally pays for itself.

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