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    Denis Rowan

    I would like to order a Elio car I am in Sydney Australia my contact details are Denis Rowan 25 Kathleen Avenue Castle Hill NSW 2154 triden13@tpg.com.au can you keep me informed when the vehicle will be available .Thank you.

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      Please visit the website, http://www.eliomotors.com for ordering details.

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    Chief Dan George

    My dad was hit head-on by a drunk driver. At the time, he was driving a Lincoln town car. The police told him if he were driving something smaller he would have been killed. Pardon the pun, but I wouldn’t be caught dead driving one.

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      Chief, glad to hear your dad survived. The reality is that the police are not experts in crash survivability. With the airbags and expected safety ratings of this vehicle, the survivability goes way up versus a typical small car or motorcycle. The truth is: I am willing to bet 99% of the population will never be in that situation. We can all live in fear of that happening, but people die in all vehicles.

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      Nicholas Selta

      Vehicle size/mass is not predictive of crash survivability and police are neither automotive engineers nor clairvoyant.

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    Well, Chief. One would think that one should have a smaller more agile vehicle that has the ability to maneuver away from people who drink fire water and drive.

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    Bart Fitt

    When the Elio was first mentioned in the news I ordered one “All In”. As a Motorcycle Rider, an Elio will be MUCH Better and Safer. Engineers and Statistics will show this to be true.


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