Carmen Electra does Wayne Chung in VW Super Bowl commercial

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The mix of actress, model and personality Carmen Electra and English new wave band Wayne Chung might seemĀ  odd. But Volkswagen thinks it works in the manufacturer’s teaser for its 2014 Super Bowl commercial.

Puppies, a rooster, babies, confetti, an annoying car alarm and some cheap jokes are in the mix, too. It’s all accompanied by the tune, “Everybody Have Fun Tonight.”

The VW Super Bowl Commercial tease featuring Carmen Electra.
The VW Super Bowl Commercial tease featuring Carmen Electra.

It’s of five Top 40 hits Wayne Chung had and it reached No 2 in 1986.

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The spot shows two Volkswagen engineers developing an algorithm to create the ultimate Game Day commercial.

Things quickly go awry.

And the one-minute tease ends with one of the VW engineers saying, “I don’t like that.”

I don’t like it, either.


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