RVs: Mobile Homes on Wheels

Michael James

RVs are increasingly popular way to travel.

Traveling in recreational vehicles is, for some, the ultimate way of travel. No airports, no security lines. No luggage hassles or rude or sick fellow travelers. The beauty of the country at close range.

Although its history is older on other continents, modern-day recreational vehicle travel in the United States dates to the 1920s. Several manufacturers began to offer what were then called house trailers or trail coaches.

RVs are increasingly popular way to travel.
RVs are increasingly popular way to travel.

Airstream was among the the earliest and still among the most well-known RV makers. In their early years, RVs were often associated with the mobile home industry and few units were longer than 30 feet. But in the 1950s, RVs evolved out of the mobile home designation and became a singular industry.

Travel trailers and trailer coaches were joined by self-contained motorhomes. In Australia, the large number of seniors participating in the RV industry are called grey nomads. But the nickname isn’t fair in the United States. Rock stars to pro cycling teams, vacationing families and those seeking a new adventure are increasingly experiencing the RV lifestyle.

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Article Last Updated: April 22, 2014.

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