New Product: Easy access fire extinguisher car mount

Michael James

Convenience and access are good things in the fire extinguisher world, in homes, office buildings, schools, churches and in often-forgotten locations — automobiles.

Fire extinguisher mount

H3R Performance in Larkspur, California, has made the car option easier with a fully adjustable fire extinguisher seat mount that installs easily in most vehicles. It attaches to the seat rail bolts or above the sliders of the driver or front passenger seats.

The extinguisher is easier access, and its installation eliminates the need to drill mounting holes. Attaching the assembly above the sliders, where possible, allows it to move with the seat when it is adjusted.


The patent pending mounts are made from lightweight, durable aluminum and available in black (model SM01BK) or brushed (model SM01BR) finishes. The product accepts all H3R Performance fire extinguisher quick-release billet aluminum and standard mounting brackets.

According to Chris Dieter, H3R Performance senior vice president, “Fire codes require vehicle fire extinguishers to be securely mounted and readily accessible. Loose extinguishers can be damaged or become projectiles in an accident.

An extinguisher mounted out of reach wastes time in an emergency. Our new seat mount provides a solid mounting location that is right at your fingertips – and it’s quick and easy to install.”

For more information on the H3R Performance line of premium UL Listed fire extinguishers and billet mounting accessories, phone 800-249-4289, or visit www.h3rperformance.com.


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Article Last Updated: July 28, 2023.

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