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Neil Young stalls, but still rocking on EV highway

Neil Young and his 1959 hybrid/electric Lincoln.

Neil Young has long been known as a musical innovator. But the masterful singer and composer is also equally renowned to railroad buffs and electric car enthusiats.

But even someone as accomplished as Young needs an assist from time to time, which is what the California Highway Patrol offered when the singer-songwriter and owner of a one-of-a-kind electric car got stuck on Interstate 80 near Donner Summit.


According to a report in the Tahoe Daily Tribune newspaper, Young’s $1 million hybrid electric remastered 1959 Lincoln Continental broke down Aug. 23 while Young was en route to a Green Festival in Canada.

Neil Young and his 1959 hybrid/electric Lincoln.
Neil Young and his 1959 hybrid/electric Lincoln. Image © California Highway Patrol.

Young, who has blogged for months about his adventures on the website, drives the car to promote “green,” sustainable living and encourages less dependency on oil.

The car is promoted as “the world’s first full-sized luxury series hybrid electric car powered by biomass.”

According to Pete Mann, CHP Public Information OfficerYoung, a Canadian native, made repairs on the car, signed a few autographs and continued his trip.


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