Consumer Reports: 11 Japanese cars best not to buy

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Honda and Toyota make cars annually on best-of-the-year lists and perennially among the best-selling automobiles in history. Who’s to argue against the enduring success of the Honda Accord or Toyota Camry?

But Consumer Reports knows plenty about cars and the respected publication has a a lot to write about Japanese cars it believes should be avoided.

The Consumer Reports list is based on the company’s overall testing criteria the Japanese cars to avoid had total score below 60 and were given “F” grades.

The Mitsubishi i-MIEV
Consumer Reports is weary of the Mitsubishi i-MIEV. Image © James Raia

Here’s the list of the vehicles, each car’s total and comments why the vehicle is rated so poorly.

Vehicle/Overall Road-Test Score/Problems

1. Scion IQ, 29, ride, noise, acceleration, steering, driving position, fit and finish, radio controls, blind spots, tiny rear seat.

2. Mitsusbishi i-MiEV SE, 31, Short range, long charge time, weak heat, acceleration, ride, agility, driving postion, spartan interior, radio.

3. Toyota FJ Cruiser, 36, Visibility, ride, handling, noise, fit and finish, access.

4. Toyota Yaris LE, 41, Noise, ride, agility, driving position, front seat comfort, fit and finish, radio controls, rear visibility.

5. Toyota Tacoma (V6), 50, Ride, handling, driving position, high step-in, low rear seat.

6. Toyota Prius C Two, 53, Acceleration, ride, noise, driving position, rear visibility, fit and finish.

7. Nissan Versa SV, 53, Handling, engine noise, front-seat comfort, fit and finish, reliability.

8. Honda Insight, EX, 54, Acceleration, handling, ride, noise, rear seat.

9 Toyota 4Runner SR5 (V6), 55, Handling, ride, driving position, fit and finish, access, turning circle.

10. tie, Honda CR-Z EX    57, Only two seats, noise, ride, visibility, access, AC shut-off at stop; Mitsubishi Outlander SE (4-cyl.), 57, Noise, ride, agility, acceleration, front-seat comfort, fit and finish.

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  1. Consumer Reports just won’t give up its vendetta against the Prius c, despite many reviews and the majority of owners’ opinions being counter to what the magazine’s power-hungry testers think.


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