Automotive catastrophe: Five worst-selling cars in history

Michael James

The 1960 Edsel holds dubious honer: Worst-selling car in history

The worst-selling car in history was such a catastrophe the brand’s name has become synonymous with failure. By most accounts, the Edsel was ugly, it was more expensive than its top competitors and in three years it was no more after fewer than 3,000 units of the car sold.

The 1960 Edsel, as detailed on the website investopedia.com, has earned the specific dubious honor as the worst-selling car in history. Here’s what the website noted about the 1960 Edsel:

The 1960 Edsel holds dubious honer: Worst-selling car in history
1960 Edsel: Worst-Selling Car in History

“Ford created the Edsel brand in the late 1950s to compete with GM’s line of affordable midsized cards. Unfortunately, Edsels never lived up to the hype that Ford created for them.”

“Edsel’s signature over-stylized bodies were panned as ugly, their “new” chassis were the same ones used by Lincoln and Mercury models, and their price point was well above the competition. Three years after it launched, the brand was swept into the dustbin as one of the biggest marketing failures in industry history.”

Here’s the list of the top-5 Worst-Selling Cars In History and total number of units of the car sold.

2001 Cadillac Catera, 9,764
2005, Pontiac Aztek, 5,020
1991 Yugo GL, (about 4,000)
2002, Lincoln Blackwood, 3,300
1960, Ford Edsel, 2,848

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Article Last Updated: October 29, 2014.

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