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Electric car curious? Rent a LEAF, CODA or Renault from Avis, Enterprise, Budget soon

If you’re not quite sure if you want to buy an electric car, there’s an alternative to a test drive at a dealership — renting a Nissan Leaf, a Renault Fluence, Kangoo Express of CODA sedan.

Depending up rental car company preference — Avis, Budget or Enterprise — and where in the world you live, several electric vehicles will soon be available for a business trip, vacation or for fun.

Avis Budget Group, which also owns Budget Rent A Car, has ordered 500 Renault Fluence Z.E.’s and Kangoo Express Z.E.’s to rent in France, Spain, Belgium, England, Germany, and Portugal in 2011.

Enterprise, Avis’s rival, has signed a deal with CODA to buy as many as 100 of its sedans in 2011. Enterprise already has a deal with Nissan to purchase many LEAFs for rental.

One unknown is how electric cars will be priced as rental vehicles? And will they be required to be returned with a near-complete charge?


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