Camaro’s loss foreshadows GM’s future

I have driven cars and trucks from nearly every carmaker. Only once have I evaluated a vehicle and liked it so ...

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The new Hummer EV is not a favorite car for many but it's sold out.

They’re back: New Hummer EVs still have swagger

Previously known for its outrageous design and as a favorite vehicle of actor and former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the ...

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Hummer is expected to return soon after a 10-year absence.

Big, badass and beautiful? Hummer set for 2022 return

It may be hard to imagine, but the pending resurrected Hummer will have 1,000 horsepower and is being marketed to accelerate ...

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A 1996 Hummer once owned by rapper Tupac Skakur is being auctioned.

Tupac Skakur’s tricked out Hummer for sale — again

More than two decades after his murder in Las Vegas, the legend of Tupac Shakur remains in the spotlight. This time, ...

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The Hummer is the weeklydriver.com's automotive disaster of the decade.

Hummer: Auto industry disaster of the decade

Originally conceived by the United States Army as a new “High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle” (HMMVV), the later named civilian Hummer ...

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Buy a new Hummer in Chesterfield, Illinois, get a free new shotgun

The Hummer brand may soon gone. But it will either go down or stay around with a bang. To entice new ...

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Consumer Reports Selects Its Worst-10 Vehicles For 2008

Consumer Reports recently announced the results of its annual car tests. Manufacturers relish being on the top-10 list and, of course, ...

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Ho-Hum, It's Another Hummer (Truck?)

With Hummer, it’s all or none. You’re a fan or not. There’s no middle ground. I’m in the latter category. I ...

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