The Obama Administration is supporting self-driving cars.

Obama accelerates self-driving cars with $4 billion

The future of self-driving cars continues to accelerate. The Obama Administration has announced an investment  of $3.9 billion into the 2017 ...

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Google and Ford are combining to create a driverless car company.

Google, Ford new driving force in driverless cars?

The ever-advancing quest to be at the front of the pack in the self-driving car industry has taken another intriguing turn ...

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An autonomous Audi is en route from San Francisco to New York.

Watch out for driverless Audi in control, New York bound

Watch out for an Audi SQ5 near you. It’s driverless and it’s now making its way from San Francisco to New ...

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CarInsurance.com has picked the best and cheapest auto rates.

Google speeds ahead, launches car insurance business

Google has confirmed a longstanding rumor. It has entered the car insurance business with the launch of Google Compare for Auto ...

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The Google driverless prototype has been tested for the past few years.

Driverless Cars? Let’s Slow Down In High Tech Fast Lane

Autonomous vehicles, commonly known as driverless cars, have been portrayed in futuristic movies for years. And dating nearly 100 years, automakers ...

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Google driving hard into the future with artificial intelligence cars

Google is the undisputed internet monolith. But who knew its engineers were working on artificial intelligence that might make the search ...

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