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Ford counters Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt with Focus Electric

Ford Motor Company has unveiled the Focus Electric — the automaker’s first all-electric passenger car. The zero-CO2-emissions, gasoline-free version of Ford’s popular small car is the flagship of the company’s growing fleet of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles coming to North America and Europe by 2013. The Focus Electric will launch in late 2011 …

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Lexus CT 200h 2011 car review

The new, compact CT 200h from Toyota’s upscale Lexus division shares its hybrid gas/electric powertrain with Toyota’s Prius. But the Prius feels like an appliance, while the CT 200h feels and drives like a luxury car. The 2011 front-drive, four-door CT 200h is the first Lexus hatchback and thus is more practical than the Prius. …

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Ford sets plans for start-stop feature throughout line

If they can put it in a golf cart, you’d think Ford can add it to a car — at least so it seems. But adding the so-called start-stop technology to all cars in Ford’s line-up won’t be as easy as it sounds because when you turn off a car’s engine you also turn off …

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Lexus announces price, gas mileage for new hybrid

Lexus has announced the price, gas mileage and other specs of its new 2011 CT 200h hybrid, available at dealerships in March 2011 as the manufacturer’s fifth hybrid. The CT 200h will have the luxury industry’s best at 42 mpg and a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $29,120. The CT 200h emits approximately 60 …

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