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Chevrolet Volt 2011 review: kudos, warts, puzzlement

As senior editor for High Gear Media, John Voelcker has written what The Weekly Driver believes is the definitive review of the 2011 Chevy Volt. He praises and criticizes it. And he finds the Volt puzzling. Voelcker, whose work has appeared in many print and online publications, is a commentator on National Public Radio and …

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Hyundai Sonata hybrid needs to be heard, delivery delayed

The majority of hybrid edition of the new Hyundai Sonata will not be delivered to the United States until late March or early April after the South Korean carmaker decided to postpone the launch to change its virtual engine sound system. Under a U.S. law signed in January, automakers must gradually add devices to their …

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Rolls-Royce unveils electric, nomadic 102 EX Phantom

Rolls Royce is calling it the first electric luxury car, but so far it’s only a “traveling global experiment.” At least that’s how the carmaker is describing the 102 EX Phantom concept unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös discusses the 102 EX Phantom at the show in the video below. As …

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Toyota defines hybrid terms: one is Prius, two is Prii

If the opinions of nearly two millions voters interested car names count, which apparently they do for Toyota, the proper plural word for automaker’s popular Prius hybrid is Prii. And it’s correctly pronounced PRE-EYE. Toyota allowed the public to decide the answer to grammatically puzzling question when it launched its “Prius goes plural” ad campaign …

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