Tesla’s Supercharger network gets the nod

John Berg

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In an apparent vote of no confidence in Electrify America’s charging network, Ford and General Motors (GM) have entered into an agreement with Tesla.

Beginning in 2025, new Ford and GM electric vehicles (EVs) will be equipped with Tesla’s proprietary charging plug. The deal will allow GM and Ford EV owners to charge their vehicles at any one of Tesla’s Supercharger locations.

Tesla will open its charging network to selected manufacturers.
Tesla will open its charging network to selected manufacturers.

I recently reviewed a Ford F150 Lightning EV pickup and relied upon Electrify America’s public charging network. I encountered non-operable chargers at every public charging location I visited. Apparently I wasn’t alone in my frustration with Electrify America.

Just days following the announcements from Ford and GM, electric vehicle maker Rivian Automotive announced a similar deal with Tesla. Rivian vehicles will begin shipping with an adapter that will allow their vehicles to charge on Tesla’s Supercharger network.

More changes are on the horizon. GM is developing its own 350 kilowatt fast-charging network in partnership with several EV charging companies. To round out the electrifying announcements from the Big 3, Stellantis announced Tuesday that it is launching a new EV charging business called Free2move. The new company aims to equip homes, businesses and the public with charging solutions.

As the world’s automakers ramp up EV production, we can expect a few extension cords to be tangled. At this point in time, owning an EV isn’t realistic unless you have a charger at home.

The future success of EVs is dependent upon infrastructure. Judging by the furious pace of partnerships and build outs of new charging locations, all bets are on satisfying demand.

Article Last Updated: September 21, 2023.

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