#253, Journalist John Berg’s passion for Corvettes

James Raia

John Berg's 1996 C3 Corvette, the last year of third generation. All images courtesy of John Berg

John Berg is passionate about cars and trucks, notably vintage vehicles with an emphasis on Corvettes. The automotive columnist for the Alameda Post owns two of “America’s Sports Car.”

Berg is our repeat guest this week on Episode #253 of The Weekly Driver Podcast.

We first spoke with Berg last November shortly after the Los Angeles Auto Show. During Episode #248 we talked about the vintage vehicles on display at the prominent show. We also discussed debuts and concepts, including the convertible concept vehicle from Genesis.

The spotlessly clean 1996 Corvette C3 by the John Berg, automotive columnist for the Alameda Post.
The spotlessly clean 1996 Corvette C3 owned by John Berg, automotive columnist for the Alameda Post. It’s the last year of the third edition of “America’s Sports Car.” All images courtesy of John Berg.

Berg has spent decades in the automotive industry including as a reporter and photographer. In our new interview, co-hosts Bruce Aldrich and James Raia talk with Berg and his 1996 C4, the last year of the fourth generation, and his 2003 C5.

“The ’96 has the enormous clam-shell hood, reminiscent of an F1 car,” Berg details. “Even though it’s 25 or what, 27 years old, it’s still an outstanding sports car. It’s a lot of fun to drive. If you want to get into sports cars, they are still pretty undervalued. You can get a really nice example for under $10,000 and they really perform to current sports car standards.”

Berg’s C5 is the 50th-anniversary edition, which he also describes as an “excellent performing sports car.”

Berg, who drove from the San Francisco Bay Area to the Los Angeles Auto Show in his new, sixth-generation Chevy Camaro, has a varied automotive collection.

John Berg's 2003 Corvette C5, the soorts cars' 50th anniversary edition.
John Berg’s 2003 Corvette C5, the sports cars’ 50th-anniversary edition.

But Corvettes capture his attention with special reverence. He knows every year of the car dating to its 1953 debut. He knows the major changes through its eight generations as well as the subtle differences between years of the Corvette’s now 70-year tenure.

Later in the podcast, we talk with Berg about his idea for a complete guide to the Corvette’s year-to-year changes.

Please joins us for a conversation with the veteran automotive journalist, historian, enthusiast and collector.

Here’s a link to The Weekly Driver Podcast’s previous conversation with Berg: #248, Auto journalist John Berg talks LA Auto Show

T0 read John Berg’s automotive column, visit: Alameda Post/Automotive

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Article Last Updated: February 21, 2023.

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