What can you expect when owning an electric vehicle?

James Raia

EV sales aren't on par with pending electric vehicle mandates.

Electric cars are increasingly common. Knowledge of the industry is imperative whether you’re about to purchase an electric vehicle soon or considering one in the future. It’s particularly important to understand how EVs work because of the many available electric cars and trucks

Following are several general interest areas, detailing the advantages of owning an electric vehicle:

Less Noise Pollution

Electric vehicles dramatically reduce noise pollution. New EV drivers may experience a “learning curse.” Non-combustion engine cars and trucks are appreciably quiet on the road. Gas and diesel fuel cars have varying levels of driving noise, most prominently the “ping” of diesel engines.

A Mitsubishi MIEV, one of the early modern EVs, getting re-charged at a public electric vehicle station in Concord, California.
A Mitsubishi MIEV, one of the early modern EVs, getting re-charged at a public electric vehicle station in Concord, California. All image © James Raia.

Cars and trucks with electric engines produce little engine noise, with the sometimes exception of a high-pitched start-up or acceleration whine. However, the overall quietness of the EVs is among the style’s best qualities.

More Eco-Friendly

Helping decrease harm to the environment is the main selling point of electric cars for many consumers. There’s nothing wrong with self-satisfaction, either. So doing some the help improved the country’s carbon footprint is a way to feel better when you’re driving long miles.

Home Charging

When more electric vehicles sell, so do more home charging systems. There’s no downside. If you decide to establish a home charging area, the benefits will be immediate. Purchasing energy at home costs far less than relying on commercial charging stations.

Three converted Prius Plug-In Hybrids charging at San Francisco City Hall.
Three converted Prius Plug-In Hybrids at a public electric vehicle station at San Francisco City Hall.

Several consumer charging station companies are available throughout the country. But the quality of service fluctuates greatly and the availability of networks isn’t consistent.

Convenience is also an important criterion when considering a home charging system. Check out the  level 2 home chargers reviewed here for the variety of  available options.

Better Air Quality

Owning an electric car or truck provides better air quality inside and outside of a vehicle. It might be not immediately noticeable, but if it seems like your EV feel a lot cleaner than a gas-powered vehicle, it’s true.

A cleaner interior and a cleaning area around your new car promoted better future health for you and other vehicle occupants.

Low Maintenance

Electric cars are also very low maintenance, and it’s a great selling a buying consideration. Gas-powered vehicles most often need more maintenance than EVs, meaning more expenses and more inconvenience.

With fewer potential financial considerations, the stress often associated with car ownership can also be far less. And who doesn’t want less stress?

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Article Last Updated: November 10, 2022.

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