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James Raia

Bruce Aldrich and I have co-hosted The Weekly Driver Podcast for more than four years. It’s available on all major podcast platforms, including TheWeeklyDriver.com. The independent automotive website, which I edit and publish, has been online since 2004.

In this episode, Bruce and I discuss two books about as opposite as feasible — although both are about the automotive world.

Bruce Aldrich (left) and James Raia interview Alex Guberman, an electric vehicle expert who has a vast following on the YouTube Channel, E For Electric on The Weekly Driver Podcast.
Bruce Aldrich (left) and James Raia interview Alex Guberman, an electric vehicle expert who has a vast following on the YouTube Channel, E For Electric on The Weekly Driver Podcast.

We introduce the books as a way of also introducing listeners to the podcast and visitors to the website to Patreon.

The platform allows visitors to the site to support our efforts.

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At the bottom of each page is a Patreon logo. If you click on the icon, another page is presented that lists options to support the site and podcast.

For as little as $2 per month, you can help us continue to provide content on The Weekly Driver. Six levels, including as much as $500 per month, are available through a secure payment system.

The Weekly Driver gifts for supporters, including a vast library of books, all from various areas of the automotive industry. If you provide financial support, we’ll be happy to mail you a book or two right away. (Please provide your mailing address.

The books we discuss in this episode are 50 First Victories. It chronicles the journey of NASCAR’s best as they drive their way to their landmark first victories. Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt Sr., Jimmie Johnson and Chase are all featured. The book is co-authored by veteran automotive journalists Al Pearce and Mike Hembree.

The Weekly Driver Podcast

The book I discuss is technically a catalog, but it’s chock-full of descriptions and beautiful colors images of the vast display of vintage cars for sale in the inaugural Broad Arrow Auctions. It will be held on Aug. 18 in conjunction with Hagerty’s Motorlux event (formerly McCall’s Motorworks Revival) located at the Monterey Jet Center. The auction will feature approximately 90 exceptional motor cars.

In this episode, the website also debuts our affiliate relationship with the hotel reservation system Booking.com. The popular globally renowned business offers the best hotel and car rental prices on the Internet.

By using the affiliate program on my site, you’ll secure the same rate as you visiting Booking.com directly. If you reserve a hotel, motel, apartment or other lodging or rent a vehicle, the site receives a commission.

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As always, The Weekly Driver Podcast encourages and appreciates feedback from our listeners. Please forward episode links to family, friends and colleagues. And you are welcome to repost links from the podcast to your social media accounts. The idea of more eyeballs on more content works for us.

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The podcast has had a diverse collection of guests — famous athletes, vintage car collectors, manufacturer CEOs, automotive book authors, industry analysts, a movie stuntman and episodes from auto shows and car auctions.

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Article Last Updated: August 10, 2022.

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