StickerYou makes it easy to customize cars, trucks, anything

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Promoting a product, company or just having fun with a favorite slogan or temporary tattoo is what StickerYou does best. It advertises itself as “the best platform in the world to create custom products that make you stick.”

According to the company based in Toronto, Canada, it provides the highest quality custom stickers, labels, car decals, iron-ons, temporary tattoos and more.

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Sticker You makes custom sticker for any need.
StickerYou makes custom sticker for any need.

Its website is built with proprietary die-cut technology to help you create and order your products exactly as you need them. You can order any quantity (as little as one), in any size and shape you need.

StickerYou was created to empower businesses and individuals to make the best custom die-cut sticky products – whether it be for their marketing or personal expression. We enable you to make what matters stick.

StickerYou’s die-cut technology allows customers to create any shape without any constraints. StickerYou can produce images that contour to the shape of the image (die-cut) or create standard shapes, such as rectangles, squares, or circles. You’re able to customize the size of your art to your exact request. Whether you want a simple 4 inch x 4inch design or a 4.1inch x 3.9 inch design, StickerYou guarantees the product to be cut within 0.1 inches of your specifications.

Here are other details of StickerYou:

* Custom products using digital printers/cutters mixed with our proprietary technology. This enables you to order quantities as low as one as many at 10,000. For higher quantities, custom quotes are available. You only pay for the amount you need.

* A design editor enables customers to continue the background or image color to the very edges of the design, preventing a white border from lining the edge of the design.

* Customers can edit the border of submitted artwork. This design feature enables better precision in the design of your image, as art can be lined with a thin or thick line.

* Traditional page of custom products, such as stickers, where the stickers on the page are all the same. It’s a terrific value when you need bulk quantities of the same thing. However, sometimes you might prefer to have a variety of different sticker or label images on a page. Our PageMaker enables you to do just that so you can arrange the precise amount of stickers of each image on your page as you like – and pay only for the number of pages you order.

StickerYou is continuously innovating the online, manufacturing, fulfillment, and customer service experience to ensure you receive the best custom die-cut products.

The company was founded in 2008 by Andrew Witkin. He was inspired during a walk on Los Angeles’ Manhattan Beach, California. He noticed how stickers played a huge role in the local scene and culture but realized how expensive it was for individuals to create awesome die-cut stickers themselves.


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