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    John G.

    A car designed to be a convertible is great. I drive a 2000 BMW M Roadster. Just a phenomenal driver’s car. A car turned into a convertible is much less exciting. I sold Fords in the late 80’s. Take a Mustang, not a rigid car to begin with, cut off it’s top and I’d swear there were times when there was enough cowl shake that you would have thought Elvis was dancing on top.

    In regards to the Jaguar E-Type convertible. 5 years ago I would have agreed, hands down, the most beautiful car ever made…until…I saw a BMW 507. Outside, inside, the car is simply beautiful. So now, on a score of 100 points being best – the 507 is a 100 and the E-Type is a 98!

    I enjoyed your piece.


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