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ZUS Vehicle Finder, USB Charger elegant, powerful

The Zus charger is remarkable power and effcient.

The ZUS Smart Car Finder and USB Car Charger at first appears similar to many other USB device chargers that plug into a vehicle’s power-port (cigarette lighter socket).

However, a closer examination reveals many small yet significant differences. Most vehicle USB chargers deliver 1.0 – 2.0 amps for charging your devices. The ZUS charger delivers 4.8 amps to two USB ports. This means it typically charges your devices at least twice as fast as other vehicle car chargers (and up to 4x faster than 1.0 amp chargers).

The ZUS has an elegant appearance sporting a blue glow on each USB port to make locating and connecting to them easier in dim light.

ZUS has multiple functions

The ZUS is much more than a device charger – it’s also a vehicle locater. Setting up the device is simple: load the ZUS app on your Android or iOS (Apple) device. Next, in your vehicle, plug in and power on the ZUS charger/finder (some vehicles may need the ignition key to be in the ACC or other power-to-the-power-port ignition key position).

The Zus charger is remarkable power and effcient.
The ZUS charger is remarkably powerful and efficient.

Now, launch the app on your mobile device and it will lead you through the process of Bluetooth pairing the device to the charger. That’s it; all the set-up is done.

With the pairing completed, whenever you leave your vehicle, ZUS will send your vehicle’s position to the ZUS app on your device. Whenever you exit a mall, theatre, stadium, or other venue, you can use the ZUS app to point the way to  your vehicle.

The ZUS app features two interfaces: compass and map. Personally, I prefer the map interface. But it’s great that there are two choices. There are many other “locater”apps available. For instance, the free FindMyCar. However, FindMyCar is not automatic. Other than remembering to set it for writing this review, I have yet to ever remember to set it before I leave my vehicle so that it can direct me back to my vehicle.

So, I’m glad ZUS provides automatic finding. It has a retail price of $49.99. However, excellent single and multiple unit discounts are available from “nonda”the U.S company responsible for crowdfunding ZUS into success, as well as Amazon
and other resellers.

Richard Applebaum is Lead Technologist at


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