Janis Joplin’s psychedelic Porsche fetches $1.76 million

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The 1964 Porsche 356 C1600 SC Cabriolet owned and used as a daily driver by rock and roll star Janis Joplin sold Dec. 10 in New York for $1.76 million at the RM Sotheby’s auction and far exceeded the expected selling price.

The announced price in the auction title “Driven By Disruption” was prompted by aggressive bidding among seven collectors in the room in the New York auction house and via telephone.

The sale of the wildly painted Porsche set a record amount for any Porsche 356 sold at public auction, according to Sotheby’s. Joplin’s car was expected to fetch around $400,000.

Purchased from a used car lot in 1968, Joplin engaged Dave Richards, a friend and roadie with her band, Big Brother and the Holding Company, to customize it with a psychedelic ‘History of the Universe’ mural.

Ir was among the first ‘art cars’ and one of the most famous and important Porsches of all time. The car was offered by Janis’ siblings, Michael and Laura Joplin, fresh from 20 years on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland.

The Porsche 356 Porsche owned and driver by Janis Joplin sold for a record $1.76 million.
The Porsche 356 Porsche owned and driver by Janis Joplin sold for a record $1.76 million. Image © Grant Lamos, Getty Images, courtesy of RM Sotheby’s.

Other early highlights of RM Sotheby’s ‘Driven by Disruption’ sale included a 1972 Lamborghini Miura P400 SV by Bertone, which sold for $2.42 million before a packed house.

Full results from ‘Driven by Disruption’ sale will be posted online at www.rmsothebys.com.

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