Elio Motors’ woes continue with hometown doubts

Michael James

Elio Motors has again delayed its debut - now until 2017.

Even some of the hometown crowd in Louisiana is beginning to doubt the future of the much-touted and much-maligned Elio.

According to a report on the website of KSLA, a television station in Shreveport, La., where the Elio manufacturing plant is located, at least one former proponent of the three-wheel vehicle is now skeptical.

Elio Motors initially announced in early 2013 it would build their 3-wheeled cars in Shreveport. Local government officials approved a massive allocation of funds to support the project. But delays, not progress, have been the norm.

The company was expected to start production in summer of 2014. Now, the production start date has been pushed to the end of 2015.

Overhead views of the Elio Motors concept vehicle.
Overhead view of the Elio Motors’ concept vehicle.

According to the station’s report, 38,177 people have made reservations for their vehicle, with many reservations non-refundable.

Roger Wildermuth of Fort Walton Beach, Fla., and John Giberson of Naples, Fla. both put down $1,000.00 in non-refundable money to reserve their Elio vehicles with what Elio Motors is calling the “all in” option, according the television station.

The option promises 50 percent of the payment will be credited against the Elio purchase, a t-shirt, bumper sticker and priority delivery date.

Still, Wildermuth said Elio’s delayed production deadlines has dimmed his enthusiasm about the vehicle.

“What has really soured me is when I would go on Facebook and ask them a question about how are they going to build all of these E series and test them in the limited time we have, they won’t answer those questions,” Wildermuth told the station.

“It is becoming obvious to me that they don’t care about the people they already have the money from,” said Wildermuth. “They are more interested in painting a glowing picture so they can get new money from people who don’t have the full picture or have not done the research to see how they have missed their self imposed deadlines.”

Giberson, creator of the “Future Elio Owners of America” Facebook group, told the station he believes Elio Motors is being open to reservation holders.

“I think they have been very up front with consumers,” he said. “I think that is displayed in all of the road shows that they have put on, they put out a blog every Friday, keeping all of the interested parties up to date,” Giberson explained.

While Whildermuth is skeptical the company will make their end of 2015 production deadline, Giberson who calls himself a “true believer” thinks Elio knows what they are doing.

“In the spirit of the whole thing, I think people just need to relax, allow these people at this company to do their job.” said Giberson. “I think in the long run, even if it is slightly delayed, I think it will be for the betterment of the future Elio Motor owners of America,” he added.

Article Last Updated: January 6, 2015.

5 thoughts on “Elio Motors’ woes continue with hometown doubts”

  1. The Elio is a GREAT idea and concept; the green P2 prototype has been around since 2009. It just seems that Elio Motors has had trouble keeping to their own established timelines…. and may not be up to the task of actually reaching production. A real ‘shame’, since America could really use a vehicle (AutoCycle) like this; Inexpensive, economical, and suitable for ‘most’ daily driving tasks.

  2. Sure there are few negative people that have lost faith because Elio Motors won’t answer thier particular question. But there are a so many more that have not lost faith in what Paul Elio is trying to do. Where does it say that Elio Motors is required to answer any question. Nowhere. He is not required to let anyone in on his plans! This is his dream and his company. He alone chooses his way to accomplish his dream.
    I read the contract very carefully and it took me three days to make an informed decision back in May of 2013 to go “All In” at the $1000 level registration. I did so knowing full well that in such a huge endeavor there could/would be delays. I’m in for the long haul and feel it will be worth some delays to turn out a quality product!
    Keep in mind the very few that lost the faith compared to all those still in support of Elio Motors. Over 38,000 people have shown thier continued support!
    Gary Scherler, Reservation # 528, Seattle, Washington State

  3. …. should of added the headline is way off by what is in the article. Both people quoted don’t even live in the “Hometown” of Shreveport!!!

  4. Gary Scherler, many of those 38,000 are now (after 2 years of waiting) wondering if Elio Motors will be able to do as they ‘claim’ (after several ‘postponements’ of their SELF IMPOSED timelines). The ‘Terms of Agreement’ does not promise anything; BUT Elio Motors’ own words have stated; “Each week we are taking you along on our journey by sharing some of our progress making your Elio.” Quote from 13, Sept, 2013… AND “”As a company, we have chosen to bring you along for the ride as we develop and fine tune the vehicle for market. So, instead of hiding the prototypes and doing a single unveiling in 2015, we are showing you how the vehicle develops from idea through reality.”…. they have made a Public Commitment. Now they must HONOR it, RETRACT it, or suffer the condemnation for NOT being TRUTHFUL!

  5. The “Elio” is never going to happen. It’s strange the entire driveline, rear drive, and other mechanical aspects are not being demonstrated. Vaporware, sucking in more people with “advance deposits” than Paul (The roofer) Elio could build in four years. That’s on the wild speculation that the Elio will ever happen. Look for the second coming of Christ first.


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