Geely expands, signs exclusivity deal with Saudi Arabia

Michael James

Haji Husein Alireza and Co. Ltd. (HHA) has launched China’s Geely & Geely Emgrand cars in Saudi Arabia as the manufacturer's exclusive dealer following the the initial agreementat completed the recent Shanghai International Auto Show in China.

"We have put our capabilities and vast experience in our quest to get the dealership of Geely & Emgrand cars for Saudi Arabia after we conducted an in-depth study to show the demand for and future of this brand in our local market,” Ali Alireza MD, HHA, said at the recent launch event, which was attended by senior executives of the two companies in Jeddah.

"We have succeeded in our quest and become the exclusive dealer for this important brand in Saudi Arabia," he said.

"We’ll spare no efforts, in our endeavor to ensure the success of this new brand in our market, including our wide network of integrated centers and after-sales service, as well as our more than 90 years experience in the automotive market,” Alireza added.

Geely Automotive Company is dedicating its Geely & Geely Emgrand brand to the Saudi market, and it will including four mid-sized sedan 2012 models. In 2010, Geely's parent company purchased Volvo.

Article Last Updated: August 6, 2013.

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