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Volkswagen can’t sell 2016 diesels in the U.S.

Volkswagen won't be able to sell 2016 diesel cars in the U.S. — for now.

Volkswagen of American won’t be able to sell 2016 diesel 2.0-liter engine models in the United States, and the carmaker has withdrawn its application for EPA certification. If the manufacturer complies with U.S. emissions standards, it can again begin selling its vehicles currently in violation of emissions policies. Volkswagen had been awaiting EPA approval for ...

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Volkswagen CEO Winterkorn quits in emissions scandal

Martin Winterkorn, CEO of Volkswagen, has resigned after emissions scandal.

Martin Winterkorn, the CEO of Volkswagen, resigned Sept. 23, one day after the manufacturer acknowledged 11 million Volkswagen-made cars have software that dupes official emissions tests. “I am shocked by the events of the past few days,” Winterkorn said in a statement. “Above all, I am stunned misconduct on such a scale was possible in ...

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Volkswagen emissions scandal affects 11 million cars globally

Volkswagen has admitted fault in emissions scandal affecting 11 million diesel cars.

The software Volkswagen used to cheat on official diesel engine emissions tests affects 11 million cars globally dating to 2009, the carmaker and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have announced. The EPA, which unveiled its findings on Sept. 18, reported it found wide variations in emissions from VW cars that use a “defeat device” to ...

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Volkswagen camper set to make return as electric van?

The 1967 Volkswagen camper.

The Volkswagen camper, the iconic niche vehicle fancied by surfers, Grateful Dead fans and camping families, may soon be available in the United States after a decade hiatus. Volkswagen has officially discounted the prevalent rumor of the return of the Westfalia Camper edition. But Heinz-Jakob Neusser, the head of production of VW has reportedly said ...

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