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2014 Volkswagen Jetta TDI: Thrifty, sleek, quiet

The 2014 Volkswagen Jetti TDI is sleek

Volkswagen is an old hand at selling diesel-engine cars in America, having offered them in the 1970s and 1980s. Many VW auto diesel owners loved them, although the automaker’s latest diesel is far advanced from the old ones. Volkswagen has made its top-selling Jetta sleeker, larger, roomier, quieter and more refined for 2011, and the ... Read More »

Carmen Electra does Wayne Chung in VW Super Bowl commercial

The VW Super Bowl Commercial tease featuring Carmen Electra.

The mix of actress, model and personality Carmen Electra and English new wave band Wayne Chung might seem  odd. But Volkswagen thinks it works in the manufacturer’s teaser for its 2014 Super Bowl commercial. Puppies, a rooster, babies, confetti, an annoying car alarm and some cheap jokes are in the mix, too. It’s all accompanied ... Read More »

Rare VWs on display in Washington’s LeMay Museum

One of the oldest Volkswagen, dating to 1941.

“VeeDub – Bohemian Beauties,” a celebration of Volkswagen history and innovation, will be featured Jan. 11 through April 5 at LeMay Museum, dubbed America’s Car Museum. The museum, located in Tacoma, Washington, will showcase 25 vintage models from both Volkswagen and local car collectors in the Seattle-Tacoma area. Known for its pairing of styling and ... Read More »

History of the LA Auto Show: VW, Lincoln, Mini-me?

Product Specialists for Buick at the 2012 LA Auto Show.

Product specialists at the LA Auto Show and other auto shows around the globe enjoy their work on serious and not-so serious occasions. Two women product specialists who had just met worked for Buick at the LA Auto Show in 2012. They looked liked twin sisters despite a substantial height different. “Doesn’t she look like ... Read More »